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December 14th, 2007
January 5th, 2008
January 21st, 2008
January 21st (Addendum)
January 29th, 2008

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January 29th, 2008
We had a great week.  Gabby and I went to the US figure skating championships...ladies short program.  We bought the tickets about 3 months ago and have been waiting impatiently ever since.  Mark took Thursday and Friday off, knowing it would be a late night.  I pumped milk for Reese, and they went to hang out at my sister Sheryl's house while we went to the program. (They came down, because it was my first time away from Reese and we thought the extra 3 hours of road trip was 3 hours extra for me to nurse her.)  We found our seats, which were on the main floor and excellent.  We actually sat 3 seats down from the mother of the first skater's boyfriend (clear as mud?) and felt almost like sitting next to a celebrity! Then we went to get something to drink after the first group of skaters and walked by Tai Babelonia and Randy Gardner (skaters from the 70's.)  Since Gabby didn't know them, we didn't stop for a photo op though.  When we sat down, I noticed a man wearing a nice blazer from the back (though I don't really care about fine clothing, I always notice it.) During intermission we saw Todd Eldgridge (90's skater) walk by and sit by the man in the blazer, who ended up being John Baldwin, with his girlfriend Rena Inoue (sp?) the pairs skaters who got second place.  Todd had lots of people ask him for his photograph, so I only took a photo when he left. I told Gabby I didn't want to stalk him for a photo.  Then I went up to Rena and John and asked for their picture. 

We settled down for the rest of the show, but noticed a family with 4 girls get up during a skaters performance (which is considered rude) and saw they were carrying their pens and notebooks. We saw then coming down the aisle of the next section and get an autograph, but couldn't see who it was. When they came back, they said it was Kimmy Meissner!  Gabby was very excited, but I did not want to go get her autograph, as she had just skated, it was during performances, and she was getting a lot of traffic at this point.  But I got my camera ready, knowing she'd probably leave, and sure enough she got up and left, and I told Gabby "Let's go now!" and she came out into the hall and I said "Hi Kimmy, may  I take your photograph" and she said "Sure" (she wasn't doing well, and hasn't all season, so she seemed down.  She is the 2006 World Champion, and the 2005 national champion. 

The rest of the show was great, and as we walked out we noticed Todd Eldridge walking in front of us again. I said "Ok, we can try this time, but just as I said that, he went down a different path than we did.

So Gabby and I decided that anytime this is 'close' to us, we should make it a girl's road trip.  I looked it up the next day, and it's in Cleveland OH.  The World's are also in the US in 2009, but in LA...not near us at all!  2009 is also the year of Mark and my 15th anniversary, and we'll likely be driving to a port for a cruise, so we'll see about that!

As for other news, there isn't much.  I am suspecting some kind of sinus infection after my last cold.  My head just hurts down to my teeth, and I feel tired and weak all the time.  For now I'm going to try and combat it with advil, vitamins and colloidal silver.

Everyone else is doing well.  Dylan is getting into crafts, and loves 'snipping with snizzors'.  He said something else that was so flipping cute I was going to post it here, but right now it eludes me.  I may have to update it, if I can remember it.  The thing is, every day is something funny or cute.  He constantly asks people at church "Hi! What's your name?" He is always saying "What's THAT supposed to be?" He loves to sing the songs he is learning at church (well, them and the Bob the Builder and VeggieTales theme songs.)

Tonight Zach has a Court of Honor for scouts, in which he will be getting 1 merit badge.  He needs to be given a leadership position within his troop so that he can proceed on to Life scout.  The troop has been slow in that, and tonight I will be inquiring when it will be done.  He had 1 month from Hutchinson, and 5 more here.  Everything has been done already.

Mark hasn't gotten new glasses in years, but the other day his snapped right in half and he was forced to wear contacts for a couple of days until he got his new ones.  They all look the same to me though!  I personally like him in his contacts  I fell in love with eyes first, and so I don't like when the hide behind frames and lenses.  Our propane tank was down to 15%, so we had to fill up today.  Ouch!  Can't wait until summer when it will empty much slower. (Top)

January 21st (Addendum)

OK, I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOO (yes, I realize that is very 15-year old Myspace-ish) upset!  Remember way back in August I wrote about my dream house, and how I loved it, but could only afford it if they dropped the price by $50,000.  I just got an update from Edina Realty that it dropped, get this, $60,000.  I LOVE that house.  (Look it up...it's in Orrock for around $230K)  Anyway, I'm so mad, though Mark tells me that If we had wanted that house, we'd still be living at his parents driving the poor things crazy, and that we were meant to be in this house.  Anyway, I emailed Terrie the link and told her to go see it and please tell me it's moldy, and I just checked her blog, and not only does she love it, it appears there are lots of kids, and if she doesn't hear about her #1 choice in Cambridge by Friday she is going to put an offer on it.   Guess who'll have me over LOTS?  It's almost 4000sqft, cherry cabinetry, 6 bedrooms, etc. etc. etc. *sigh*!  Either way, she'll be closer to our family, and I am very excited about that!

January 21st, 2008

Hopefully by now you've found our new 'home'.  Thanks to my wise sister Terrie, who knew I'd more than likely be receiving plenty of baby clothes, accessories, and diapers (and gratefully so!) she gave me my own webspace as a baby gift when Reese was born.  It took 6.5 months to get things transferred over, but here we are!  I know have more than 6 times the space available, so uploaded older pages.  I also have REALLY old pages from back in Buffalo that I'd like to add *some day*.  Admittedly, they are very amateurish in nature (not that my current pages are in anyway professional, nor are they intended to be.  Plenty of people utilize the internet to pontificate on the current state of affairs, politics, morality.  That's not for me.
I simply Rather want the Opportunity Now to Please All of my family with Updates on our Life. :-)

If you notice broken links to various pictures, please don't hesitate in letting me know.  Sometimes, because the file is already on my computer, everything looks like it is there and formatted correctly, even though for you it is missing.  Thanks! I also hope to switch my blog format, which I make on my own, to a more standard variation.  Terrie has told me that it's possible to use one like WordSmith or something, but I just haven't figured it out yet.

Life has had it's ups and downs.  The Foede family has been passing around a cold.  Poor Dylan didn't get sick for the first 2 years of his life, and it seems his immune system is working hard to catch up.  Reese, however, is getting sick now.  It' so sad to watch a sick baby try to nurse, gasping for breath though her mouth because she can't breath through her nose.  I think we're on the upswing though.

We're getting used to gathering ourselves together for church and sitting alone while Mark is up front with the rest of the church leadership.  Yesterday Dylan was taking all the hymnals and making a castle, and slipped on one on the floor and started hollering.  He does not try to hide his pain, much to my embarrassment.  However, he is also full of joy, once yelling "Hi Dad!" while the sacrament is being passed.  You can see from the picture the 'look' that we often get from him. I said "Dylan, look at me!" while he was playing his Bob the Builder game on the computer (which he has mastered from starting it up to turning it off.) and he was not happy to turn around.  As you can see, he is also a ham, so once he saw I was taking pictures his attitude changed a bit. 

The ward is enamored with our little Reese, and all offer to take her while I deal with the other kids.  Unfortunately, Reese doesn't want to be taken, and is often brought to me while I am teaching the children music because she doesn't even want her Daddy. I'll update her page with her milestones instead of report them here.

We're surviving the cold weather by not going outside.  Mark's car wouldn't start yesterday, barely turning over on it's own.  He took the van to church for early morning meetings, and then came and picked us up in time for church.  It was so nice to have a warm car to get into.  After he got home, he used jumper cables and got the car to start just fine, though he says he doesn't think they helped much, just perhaps the warmer afternoon weather helping things along.

Alisa's birthday is coming up.  She wants to have a couple friends over to make pizza, play games, and have cake and ice cream.  Sounds easy enough to me!  She'll have her 5 year inoculations too.  She is a little nervous about it, but so far each of the kids get to go to Dairy Queen and pick out a treat for being brave, and that is making it a little easier to discuss the whole upcoming issue with her.  She did have a breakthrough recently, announcing that she was no longer scared of the vacuum.  Sure enough the next time we got it out, there were no tears, no hollering, no running to her bedroom and slamming the door shut.  I very highly doubt, however, that she will be up to learning to ride a two wheeler bike.  She still won't pedal a tricycle on her own!  My Mom once said that children who are this scared have over-protective parents, and while that is probably true on some counts, none of my other kids are like this.  In fact, Dylan is fearless!  Today he also got a hold of our rotary cutter for fabric and ended up with 4 cuts on his hands, some of them pretty yucky-looking.

Gabby and I are looking forward to this Thursday, when we will be attending the ladies short program for the US Figure Skating championships.  We are SO excited.  It's a long time since we went and saw Michelle Kwan skate, and it'll be fun watching a new generation perform. (Top)

January 5th, 2008

What a holiday season!  I won't write about Reese's updates here, they can be found on her page.  We began the season about a week before Christmas with Alisabeth getting sick.  It was fast and easy (well probably not to her!) and she became proficient at holding a bucket.  Knowing that it usually manifests itself in others within 2-3 days, we breathed a sigh of relief when 4 days later no one was sick.  Of course, promptly after (remembering Murphy's Law) Dylan (who is NOT proficient with a bucket) got sick.  This was, of course, after I visited a couple of families from church. Oh dear! Mark took Friday off of work so we could do our shopping, but ended up sick that day.  Zach was sick Saturday. Mark and I went shopping that day, and Reese was sick all the way home in the car. Gabby and Ethan felt great, so we decided that they must be immune to this one, and on Sunday headed to Cokato.  That night however, Gabby was sick, but felt good by Christmas dinner.  Ethan, though, did NOT, and was also sick Christmas Eve. morning.  It wasn't bad, once you get passed the kids who can't make it to the bathroom on time, and lasted maybe 24 hours.  The exception being me, who in God's infinite wisdom (or sense of humor) had me feeling sick for a week, but functional enough to clean up the others.  And why is it when a man get sick he gets to go to bed for 24 hours, but when the Mom is sick she has to suck it up and carry on?  Anyway, my worst day was Christmas Day, but I'd promised food to the Anderson gathering, and so I stayed away from everyone.  Apparently people still got sick, so I'm thinking it was some super-bug. The irony is, the week before this happened, I was thinking we hadn't been sick for a year and I was so glad that we'd have a healthy Christmas! We sincerely apologize to all who were affected by our illness, which it seems, it pretty much everyone we visited with during the holidays All in all it was a good Christmas.  Check out the pictures here.

We went to get the family pictures taken on December 29th.  Dylan was a real pill about it, until the end when we goaded him into smiling by saying "Don't smile! Don't look into the camera!"  Of course, true to Dylan, he simply started shaking his head and saying "Your so weird!"  This made the photographer laugh! He wasn't any better about sitting on Santa's lap.  He refused completely.  Reese did a good job, for a few minutes, then got 'Claus-terphobic".  She did great at the family pictures, smiling for every single one (after the camera flashed, which is of course, too late!)

New Years was fun, we all picked our favorite foods.  With 6 kids, that left us with a LOT of food.  We had: hot wings, clam chowder, meat, cheese, and cracker plate, dirt and fruit salad, veggie pizza, BBQ meatballs, punch, pizza, and tossed salad.  We ate leftovers for 3 days!  Reese stayed up until midnight, Dylan wiped out with 30 minutes left.  He probably figured 2008 would still be there when he woke up!

We've been working on the basement this week, along with some friends from church.  There is SO much to do, and the work is a pain in the butt.  I don't know why people do this for a living.  We're thinking of having a drywall party and getting a bunch of people to just get it done, or at least the ceilings and tallest part of the walls!  We now have Zach and Gabby's room sheetrocked, mudded, and taped.  So that leaves the storage room, the homeschool room, and the family room to drywall. 

Mark has received his new calling.  Never pat yourself on the shoulder and consider it a great coup to move out of a ward and leave your time-consuming calling behind.  He has been placed in the Bishopric again!  I won't go into how much I hate driving and sitting alone at church, but will say that I am glad it's not a newly formed bishopric, and instead will be over in a few years instead of 5! (Top)

Friday, December 14th, 2007

Today was an excited day!  Reese started crawling!  Well, what I call crawling anyway.  She has been getting up on her hands and knees for a couple of weeks, and a few days ago she began rocking back and forth.  This morning she definitely moved her knees and then hands a few times to get to something on the floor.  She immediately took a nose dive after that.  So she is slow, and awkward, but I imagine within a couple of weeks she'll be a veritable pro!  I also noticed that she has 2 bottom teeth about to make an appearance.  They haven't cut through the gums yet, but the white 'pressure' line that the edge of the tooth creates is there. More updates and cute pictures can be found on her page HERE.

So it's been a whole month, and there hasn't been much to update. This can be good or bad, depending on how you look at things.  Zach went skiing with the Boy Scouts and had a great time.  He has also changed his mind on being an architect and is now looking into meteorology.  I'm not sure why the change, other than he is really enjoying physical science and geometry this year.  Gabby is at another sleep over tonight.  Ethan is having a pack meeting next Wednesday.  Alisa loves her new friends and loves just playing and being a little girl all day.  Dylan is the busiest child, non-stop entertainment for us all.  The basement electrical is done, and now we can begin the drywall and the mudding/taping.  We'll be starting that next week.  Zach and Gabby are antsy to have their rooms done.  We all are!

Really I should be more vigilant with the blog, or keep better children's journals.  The kids have such funny things to say, and I sit here tired because Reese stopped sleeping through the night and just can't remember specifics.

We are NOT ready for Christmas.  Cards went out today, and the decorations are up, and the kids gifts are done, but other then that nothing is done.  Pretty typical for us, and as usual we'll pull it together at the last minute.  We are taking the younger kids to see Santa tomorrow, though Dylan tells me he won't sit on Santa's lap.  We won't have the kid's yearly pictures at Christmas because Reese's 6 month photographs are too late to have printed in time for gifts.

We've got a lot of snow up here.  I think we got around 8 inches in the first storm, and another 4 a couple nights later.  The third storm hit further south, and we only ended up with a dusting.  It's been cold and windy though, now that we are in the 'north'. :-)  (TOP)

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