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7th Heaven

Thursday, February 22nd, 2007

February has flown by for us, but always does with a birthday at the beginning, a birthday at the end, and Valentine's Day in the middle. Despite the extremely cold temperatures, we managed to stay warm and cozy and have a nice month.  Alisa's birthday was a fun day.  The kids always pick their favorite meal, and she picked make-your-own pizzas and punch, with a Strawberry Shortcake cake. Mark and I got her some Strawberry Shortcake things for her birthday, such as a notebook, folder, bubble bath, Band-Aids, panties, and something else, but I can't remember what right now. (Typical!)  She also got money from her grandpa, aunt and uncle, and her great-grandma, so she went and purchased a Strawberry Shortcake doll and is looking into getting some Pixar 'Cars (the movie)' model cars that Dylan has and she wants too.

Ethan is also choosing to have pizza and punch, though he wants to decorate his own cake, and wants to have dirt salad with his meal.  He is getting a video game from us for his birthday. We officially signed him up for Cub Scouts on Sunday, and he passed off the entire Bobcat badge today. He'd been going to the meetings for long enough that he already had the law, motto, sign, etc. memorized, to my surprise.

Speaking of video games, I fried the kids Nintendo by accidentally changing the voltage on the adapter for car trips, and so I told them I'd either replace it, or put however much money they cost towards a new system. Ethan and Gabby decided to take all their allowance money for the year, subtract 25% savings and 10% tithing, pool it with the money I put in, and buy a Nintendo DS.  Zach is trying to do the same for one of his own,  and should be able to have it by his birthday, if he babysits enough.

My new calling in the Relief Society is going well (that is working with the ladies over the age of 18 instead of the kids).  I taught my first lesson, and it is so different. The kids are like Hermione Granger, always ready to raise their hands and give an answer, and the women kind of just look around waiting for someone else too. I observed this for 2 weeks before I taught, so I came up with some things to get everyone involved.  This calling is so much less work than Primary that it amazes me. (At least so far!)

Dylan has been doing an excellent job potty training.  He will use the potty any time that he sits on it, and is recogizing when he has peed in his diaper too, by announcing 'Pee!' very loudly, wherever he may be.

Mark's crown work went well, and Zach is getting used to his braces. He had much less pain than I remember having though. I couldn't eat for a week, and he was just fine.  We also had our 'big' ultrasound today, and I will update the '8 is Enough' page for that as well. (Top)

Saturday, January 20th, 2007

We are back from our family cruise!  Everything went well, and I added my cruise journal HERE.  As far as other updates, Zach is having his braces put on on Monday. Dylan can home from the cruise with a horribly sore throat and nasty cold, which thus far hasn't spread to the rest of us. The kids' school break ends on Monday as well, and we are excited to get back into more structured learning (as if they didn't learn tons on the cruise!) Our community education is only doing private swimming lessons for their winter quarter, and sadly none of their other offerings look exciting to the kids. Zach will have his next Boy Scout Court of Honor on Wednesday the 31st, where he will receive his badges for 1st Class Scout and the Family Life, Citizenship in the Community, and Disability Awareness merit badges.  That will make 13 for him. Gabby will be spending some time in the next few weeks doing service projects for the Girls Scouts working with the elderly, working at an animal shelter, and writing letters to soldiers in Iraq. Ethan will soon be turning 8, but wants to hold off his baptism until our church building renovation is finished. Alisa is turning 4 in 2 weeks and wants a Strawberry Shortcake birthday cake. I told her she could have whatever she wanted for supper, and she requested 'pineapple'.  Should be quite a meal! Dylan is as precocious as ever. He is so cute and funny, and we often wonder where he gets it from. Mark's dentist appointment for his crown is coming up, and I don't think he is looking forward to it. I am doing well, slightly tired and glad to be home! Oh, and our 8 is Enough page can be found HERE. (Top)

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Friday, December 15th, 2006

(Above picture is of Zach's band concert) 10 days until Christmas. It's going to be a pretty subdued event this year. I'm even not doing the family letter until after our cruise. We'll call it a New Year's update. :-) Most gifts are homemade, the kids are getting one simple thing (a DVD, for the drive down to Texas) and so it's been easy to concentrate on just having fun together instead.  We've made some Christmas cookies; Snickerdoodles, candycane cookies, gingerbread cookies, peanut blossoms, chocolate mint cookies. Today we are going to make meringues, we'll be making Spritz and sugar cookies, and begging Mark to make his delicious truffles. I'm not a fudge or rocky-road type person so it doesn't get made. I do like English toffee, but I never make it right. I think I don't let it get to a hot enough stage or something. With Christmas Day with the Anderson's and the Foede's celebration being on the 26th, we even have Christmas Eve. to go look at lights, sing carols, plan a menu, watch "A Christmas Story" or whatever we want.

Mark recently had a dentist appointment and found out that he has to get a crown on a back tooth in January.  Oh boy, the same time Zach gets his braces. Each item will cost around $500 out of pocket right away. (Not to mention the extra $2800 for the braces later as payments. We'll just use tax returns and/or Mark's bonus.) Yuck! Mark also had some fun news.  He called in to a radio station (KS95) and played 'Smarter than Stacy' and won a $50 gift card to the Burnsville Mall, 4 tickets to a play about bingo, 4 tickets to bingo at the Casino in Hinckley (yah, right!) a shirt, and a picture of the producer while he was on the phone. He had to answer 5 questions and the DJ answered the same questions and whoever got more right wins. So hurray!

Other than that, not much else has happened. We're boring and we like it that way.  That last update we had on Gary (Mark's Dad) was that he had another surgery (4th?) and hopefully found ALL the problems that were causing his bleeding. With Kirk's (my brother) father-in-law and Cade (my nephew) also looking at some medical challenges/testing, it's been a harder month than some to find gratitude. But our friend Becky's daughter Makayla is celebrating her 1st birthday tomorrow, something doctors weren't sure would happen, hopefully Gary's problems are behind him, hopefully Kirk's FIL will find a miracle, and Cade's cyst will be nothing, and we can all celebrate health and strength in the New Year! (Top)

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Tuesday, December 5th, 2006

I was waiting to update the blog until Mark's hunting pictures were developed, and he was able to write his own story, but I got impatient and simply don't want to wait that long. *smirking*  So you'll have to deal with MY version of his hunting trip. Which in a nutshell, I told Zach to watch out for the mice in the shack and Mark smugly said "There aren't any mice in the shack".  One night and a phone call later. "Hi Honey, guess what we've caught in the shack?" HA! Mark almost got a deer that day, but his gun has to be air pumped somehow (???) and he forgot to shut a little door-thingy so the thing that hammers against something to fire the gun didn't work properly and all he heard was a 'click' and saw was the back of the deer running (injured, due to a wild shot, I might add, which made me cry but I was strong enough to wait until we had hung up.) Apparently said deer was of monstrous proportions with a huge rack (typical thing to brag about *snort*) but eventually Mark was able to catch a deer a couple days later. He and Zach nimbly hiked to a log and sat there, and then said to Zach "Shush, there is a deer, don't move" and then shot the smaller deer. This was the day after they sat on a hill that ended up being a nesting area for baby ticks, or some other questionable insect. EWWW!

Zach had his 7th grade band concert last night.  He did excellent, as always. It's fun to see him interact with the other 7th graders.  He towers over many kids his own age, but fit's in nice with the 12-13 year olds.  I wish I could warn the 13 year old girls what bright lights and camera flashes do to their black clothing though. One wants to concentrate on one's child and the music, but some of the clothes can be really distracting, especially the see-through variety and the immodest variety. I wanted to through shawls over a good majority of them and say "Honey, we can all see your thong!"

We put up our Christmas tree right after Thanksgiving. This year we put in the leaves in the kitchen table and are eating in there, and turned the dining room into a family room with the tree, the dining room table moved to the side and housing are train and village.  We just love it, and get a sense of how badly we want a living room and family room in our next home.  Neither have to be big, but the two different living area's are so nice.  The picture of Dylan is when we set up the tree. He loved helping us.  He now says "Pretty tree on?" "Do pretty on?" and LOVES to drive by lighting displays around town. He'll yell at the top of his lungs "WOW! Pretty" and then after you pass it he says 'Where it go?" and holds out his hands in a shrug.

I get so emotional at Christmas, and this year is no exception. I cry all the time. O Holy Night by Michael Crawford plays...cry.  Commercial...cry.  My 'baby's' band concert...cry.  Read from the bible, go shopping, watch White Christmas or Miracle on 34th street...I think you get the idea! I just love Christmas, and the Reason we celebrate it! (Top)

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Saturday, November 4th, 2006

The children all had a fun time trick-or-treating.  Mark had an appointment to look at the tube in his ear, so he was able to get home from work early and help out with the costumes and pictures before hand.  Zach was originally a little old witch with a baby on it's back (pictured below) but we decided that it was too much fuss to get in and out of the car with the full costume, so he just used the mask.  Everyone at the carnival liked it though. We first went to Great-grandma Eleanor's house for supper, and she also had Great-Grandma Toots and Grandma Bonnie there as well (and also Steph and Nick, Mark's cousins, and Steph's son Caden.)  Before we ate, we sent the kids next door to Nancy's house (Bonnie's sister-in-law) to say hello.  The kids absolutely love it there, and sure enough like all years, they came home with half their basket filled.  This time there was toothbrushes too!  Eleanor served her famous sloppy joes that the kids love so much (and their parents!) Eleanor, Toots, and Bonnie all load up the kids baskets even more, and we also got some souvenirs from Italy, including T-shirts, an cross, a beautiful doily, and a pendant blessed  by (and  I will probably have to be corrected) but either the Pope, or cardinals, or someone from the Vatican. There was so much to remember about Bonnie's trip that I just can't think of that particular detail.

We found that Dylan just adores VeggieTales.  He started off only liking the theme song.  So I could actually get a bath or a shower in if the kids quickly played the video, and started it back to the theme song over and over.  Then he started liking the whole movie. He still prefers the theme song, jumps up and down yelling "Bob" or "Veggie" (in his baby way of saying it).  And at the end, and those who have seen them will know what I mean he says perfectly to "It's time for Veggie" and he joins in for "Tale-ale-ale-ale-ale-ale-ale-ale-ales!"

Ethan recently took a bath using my little spa attachment, and Dylan decided to strip down and join him.  Ethan then added too much bubble bath, and everything was coated.  Pictured below is Dylan after coming out of the tub.

Gabby recently heard about another man being attacked by a sting ray and said "They are plotting against us!" and won't even thing about going on a sting ray excursion in Grand Cayman.  I don't blame her.  Think that's about it for now!

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