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June 20th, 2007

(12:00 AM)  39 weeks.  I am supposed to update tomorrow, but might not have the chance.  I'm resigned to having a June baby, but as Zach says "At least you finally made it past April, Mom!"  So true, so true!  We did pregnancy portraits tonight, JUST in time.  After supper, we went to pick up Zach from swimming and went shopping for milk and bread at the store.  I noticed contractions that were pretty painful, so we went home so I could lay down and get them to go away.  Unfortunately, they just got more painful.  Maybe every 5 minutes for half-an-hour.  Then I got in the bath to see if that would calm them down, which it did, but I got out of the bath and had to use the bathroom (again, which is normal for pending labor) and saw that I had bloody show.  DARN IT!  I started to pack my bag, and do some last minute things on the computer, and am still having slightly painful, irregular contractions.  I hope a night's sleep will end them until at least my Dr. Appointment tomorrow, so she can check my cervix.  So that's my update. And here is another contraction....

June 13th, 2007

38 weeks.  I just realized that my driver's license expires on my birthday this year.  Which means I have 4 weeks to renew it, so no matter if I do it before or after I deliver, I'll look horrible in it!  Impeccable timing!  My blood pressure was up ever further today, at 147/70.  Dr. Olson wanted to re-check it after I had been sitting for awhile because they rush you in, but we forgot after talking for a while about due dates.  She isn't too concerned, as I only get swollen at night, and it goes away in the morning, and I am not spilling protein into my urine. So no worries!

She mentioned today that she doesn't want to step onto the plane without me having delivered (she leaves on vacation on June 22nd and comes home the 27th.)  I asked her "Don't you think I will make it?" and she shook her head 'no'.  I told her my Mom had 10 babies and most of them came over due, that I was #6 and was supposed to be a June baby but was born in mid-July, and she said "But all your other children came on time, and Dylan came early."  I reminded her that Alisa was 5 days late, that Mark and I worked really hard at trying to induce labor, and that Dylan came the day after I was given a stressful church calling.  Now, I know that may all well be for my own peace of mind, that perhaps nothing I say or do will prevent this baby from coming while she is gone, let alone making it to July, but I don't think I want to be induced just so that she doesn't have to worry about me while she is on vacation! :-)

Another concern is that I am measuring big, which to her means that I will go early.  I am measuring 41 cm's today.  So she asked the birth weights of the other kids, and then looked through the chart for how I measured with Alisa.  I measured 40-41 cm's with her too, starting at 37 weeks, so that eased her mind a little.  She then asked how I did with the other kids born at this time of year, because she tends to think really low pressure systems can activate labor, and I told her I've never had a baby in the summer, and that yes, all my babies came in a snow storm.  She said we'll have to pray for no tornados.  She said she'll check my cervix next week, and if it's dilating "We'll talk".  I am not sure how that will matter too much, with Dylan I didn't dilate until 3 hours before I gave birth.

I have contractions, maybe 10 a day, but no false labor, and only one at a time, and nothing painful.  I use them to practice breathing, so while I may start breathing through them, I don't need to.  I don't sleep well at night, but that's because it takes 5 minutes to roll over and it's so darn hot!

Baby's heartbeat is 140 (again!) and my test for GBS (Group B Strep) came back negative.

For me, the bottom line is that while I know the baby will come when she is ready, I'm willing to try to keep her in, but not willing to induce her early so that my doctor won't miss the birth. We are ready for when she does come. We've got the going home outfit, I've got my maternity bras, we got some fabric to use as backdrops for pictures. We did the belly cast.  I do still need to get some pictures taken though!  3 weeks until July 4th, 2.5 weeks until July.  Any one want to take bets?  (Top)

June 1st, 2007

37 weeks...Full term!  "Full Term"  day passed by uneventfully.  Reading back through Dylan's baby blog, I was pretty emotional about the day, thinking it was my last.  This time I feel at peace (mostly) and happy that I was able to be cognizant and aware enough to enjoy each moment, to never wish I was done, and to not complain too badly at the not-so-fun parts.  I am truly grateful for the help I received from Mark and the kids, who have had a constant hand in easy any discomfort I have felt (and for Dylan who not only makes me smile when I am uncomfortable, but is in his 'toddler twos' enough to remind me that it's not all bad letting your kids grow.  But I have to admit I am an emotional wreck.  I like to watch 'Hot Topics' on The View, and during commercial breaks I switch channels.  Montel, whom I never watch, had a psychic lady on and I was just in tears with one of the story lines.  Or on Sunday, when a man at church spoke of his Mother's funeral and singing "God Be With You Till We Meet Again" at her grave site, and then spoke a little of his son leaving in a week for his 2 year mission, I was a big bawling baby.  Then 2 minutes later I laugh hysterically at something fairly benign.

So, I had my 37 week appointment.  Like last week, my blood pressure was 140/60.  This week I measured 40 cm's, but I had a small contraction during the measuring, so that could account for the growth.  Baby's heartbeat rate was 140 (again...same for the longest time now, she is consistent and mellow...which I deserve!) and I actually lost a pound (according to the nurse, I still don't look!)  The night of Dylan's full term day I had a night of false labor, but nothing other than a few strong ones here and there so far.  I had my group B strep test (no results yet) and was checked.  My cervix is very soft, but I am not effacing.  The outer os of the cervix is open (which is normal for women who have had more than 1 child) but the inner cervix is closed.  I am a little worried that she could reach my cervix, usually I am so posterior, but then again, Dylan's couldn't be reached, and he came early! Baby is head down, but not engaged. So she doesn't think I'll go into labor during the next week.

So that's it for updates.  4 weeks from today is July 4th.  On the one hand I hope I can make it, on the other hand I don't think I can stretch that much more!  Bonnie brought over 2 meals this past weekend, one of which we ate, the other of which we froze.  I am up to 6 meals frozen now, and will have 4 more after shopping tonight.  And the meal that we ate from Bonnie, I want the recipe so I can freeze it because the kids loved it!

June 1st, 2007

36 weeks. I've made it to June!  It's becoming real to me. Quickly!  At my doctor's appointment my blood pressure was actually on the high side, at 140/60.  However, I didn't get any chance to rest; I raced from home, checked in, ran up the stairs, and immediately was whisked into the doctors office to be weighed (I don't even look at the scale anymore!) and then blood pressure.  What happened to my usual sitting in the waiting room for 30 minutes, I'd like to know?  I didn't even get to start my grocery list!  My hands and feet get very swollen at night, but my doctor seems unconcerned at this point, as they swelling goes down when I put my feet up and drink lots of water.  I am still measuring 38 cm's, but that isn't because the baby stopped growing, it's because the baby is head down and lower than last time.  Doctor Olson would still like me to have the baby before she goes on her trip, and I'd still like to go after she comes home.  And why, may I ask, are people so negative?  They either can't believe that a pregnant woman actually wants to delay labor (I guess that is odd!) or that a pregnant woman on her 6th child has the ability to delay labor ("Oh no, you'll never make it!")  I'm going to start believing it if I'm not careful. :-)  So I am trying to do the opposite of everything I did with Dylan.  I've put myself on a sort of bed rest to keep contractions away (though they always seem to come on Sundays, the day of rest, and Wednesdays, the day of craziness (church, scouts, shopping).  On Tuesday, when I hit 37 weeks, I will get even stricter with my self, which isn't fair to the kids who are putting in extra work, but they understand my weirdness about this all, and appreciate the easier dishes due to the easier meals.  I've read my journal with Dylan, and at this point I did have a lot of contractions and some false labor, so hopefully I can keep that all away.  The pregnant women out there, who go overdue and ask for specific things to get labor going...I can do the opposite and not get it going, right?  Or does a body go into labor when it wants, and it's just a coincidence that it happens after stripped membranes, castor oil, or s-e-x?  We'll find out!

We like to watch the baby move, especially Alisa and Dylan.  They love to kiss the baby, and are anxious to meet and greet her (or him, if I'm in for the surprise of my life.)  Mark hates to see me uncomfortable and just wants this over so we can get into a pattern.  Gabby is a 'little' excited, and I think Zach is the most apprehensive of all.  He's definitely over the whole 'new baby' thing. 

The baby is still causing me pain when she turns her head.  It's such an odd sensation, and can't really be described.   I get relief by going into the down dog yoga position, which also feels good for my back, which is sore all the time these days.  I'm hoping that I'll get to the point where I just want the baby out and get on with labor.  And now that I write that, it sounds really familiar, like I've already mentioned it here or told someone else.  Sorry for any repeats (again!) 

I am starting to get the comments such as 'Are you still around'  or 'When are you due?  June 26th?  You look like you could have that baby now!" that get annoying to pregnant women.  I just try to let them slide, but part of me cringes.  At least no one comes up and pats my stomach without asking!

Next week I'll pack my hospital bag.  I am pretty ready, except I need the new camcorder to arrive, I need to do the belly casting kit, I need a going home outfit for the baby, I need to do portraits (still!) I need nursing bras,  I need to freeze a few more meals.  I do have the music on the Ipod, and I do have headphones and an Idog speakers ready to use to listen to it.  I have been meditating to it daily.  'See' you next week for more updates.  Please add me to your prayers, for good health and a healthy baby that will stay put until July! (Top)

May 17, 2007

34 weeks!  I told the kids that it becomes 'real' to me at about 35 weeks, but on Tuesday when I told Mark "In 3 weeks I'll be full term!" I then proceeded to realize that somehow the baby has to actually GET OUT!  Now while I have fast, and what would be labeled 'easy' labors, they aren't fun in any sense.  I am still determined to go naturally, if I am not induced.  No promises if I am induced (and I apologize if I have already mentioned all this in a previous entry, my brain cells are going straight to the placenta or something!)

At my doctor's appointment yesterday, things were just fine.  I am measuring 38 cm's, which is 4 cm's big (down 1 cm!)  My blood pressure was actually really low, 118/48, though not low enough to be a concern.  My weight was up by 2 pounds, for a total of 23 pounds.  Baby's heartbeat was 140, and she wiggled like crazy when the doctor listened to her through the doptones (which isn't a surprise, studies show that those things cause normal noises such as heartbeats, blood flow, etc. to be extremely loud) and babies try to 'run away' from them.  My doctor said that she'd induce on July 7th even though it was a Saturday (what can I say, she loves me! (Enough to tell me that I carry pregnancy so well, and was one of the best looking pregnant women she knew...how sweet, eh? Even though I know better!)  I told her that my worry about waiting to the 7th was that somehow I'd actually make it to the 4th and then deliver on my own on the 5th or 6th.  I asked all the kids what day they'd prefer, and it's about 50-50.  The older ones would rather be born on the 4th, the younger on 07-07-07.)  Dr. Olson couldn't guarantee that the baby was head down.  Up until last week ago I would have guessed a transverse position, as I was feeling kicks on both sides of my stomach, but one day I literally felt the baby try and turn around. Man did that hurt! Then all of a sudden the kicks were at the top of my uterus, and once again I can feel baby turn her head in my pelvis, a sensation I so do NOT enjoy, so I am not worried about a breech baby anymore.  Baby may have dropped a bit more, as I have to use the bathroom more often and my groin is so sore all the time.  My heartburn hasn't been too bad lately, it seems to come and go depending on what I eat or if I am laying down.  The doctor also okayed another ultrasound to check for size and position (and gender, ha!) 

So I had the ultrasound today (the 17th) and all looks well.  Baby's new estimated due date changed from July 3rd to June 29th, though I keep telling myself it gets less reliable as time goes on.  The baby is definitely head down now, and the heartbeat was still 140.  Baby measured something like 5 pounds and 6 ounces (which apparently the average is 4 and a quarter for week 34.)  She was really active about an hour before the ultrasound, and sleeping during it.  No hiccups or yawn shots this time! (Actually, she's only had hiccups once, that was yesterday morning.) We tried to do the gender check, and at first she couldn't find anything and said "It gets more difficult to see as the baby gets bigger because...nope there it is!" and got 'the shot' on the screen.  I could tell what it was right away, and she said "It's the classic girl hamburger shot...no turtle for you!"  So yay, all the clothes I washed, and switching the crib to the girl's room wasn't in vain.  I'll include all the pictures on the pictures page.  Next week I am going to start taking pregnancy portraits, though we'll be using Mark's SLR film camera so it will take a while to get them online.

Still not too many contractions, maybe 5-10 a day, and nothing painful enough to make me think "Epidural!" as of yet.  I'll do another update in 2 weeks after my next appointment.  Also today I had a few of the clicking noises (like someone cracking their knuckles or clicking a pen underwater) which I had with Dylan all the time. Doctors (who have heard of it) say it's when baby moves so fast and rub up against something, some speculate it's baby sucking on their thumb or tongue). I don't know but it's definitely weird, and I am glad when looking online I am not the only women experiencing it.

I am getting a little anxious to meet and hold the baby, to see how Dylan, who just can’t stop kissing my stomach and laying his head on my tummy and saying “Baby out?” reacts.  And Alisa, who thinks she'll look just like her!  But I also love having her in me feeling her kick and squirm (and I also enjoy getting spoiled with foot rubs and hair brushing.)  And I can’t wait to go shopping for her and get the bag packed, but I don’t want this season of life to end, but am excited to do fun things with the kids too!  And I can’t wait to nurse you and feel your little grasp wrap around my finger, but I don’t want to be done performing one of God’s mighty miracles. Why does this have to be so difficult, so bittersweet for some woman?  I wish I were one of those who knew when it was time to be done, in fact were grateful to be done, instead of mourning it like some type of death. :-)  (TOP)

May 1, 2007

Wow, a new accomplishment.  I actually made it into May pregnant.  I've never done that before.  Never had was pregnant with newly blossomed trees, never pregnant on Mother's Day!  This is the latest I've ever been pregnant.  I can already see that I will have issues with maternity clothes and summer heat.  I'm going to have to purchase some sort of huge muu-muu to wear the last weeks, because I am not going to buy a new wardrobe to be worn for 8 weeks on my last pregnancy. Uh-uh, no way! 

So I had my most recent doctor's appointment, and all is well.  My blood pressure is great, as usual, at 110/56.  My weight did go up 6 pounds, but I wasn't surprised.  I am SO sore in my groin and my tail bone, that I can often be found sitting on an ice pack or laying down. Not getting much exercise, to say the least. This is a new experience to me, as I never really experienced being uncomfortable while pregnant before until the very end.  The tail bone pain is similar to when I gave birth to Zachary.  I thought I was carrying high, but when I looked in the mirror recently, I can see that baby is actually pretty low compared to some of my other pregnancies. Or maybe baby dropped a bit! That would explain why my heartburn was pretty bad, and now I haven't had any in a few weeks.  The baby gave doctor some nice kicks while listening to the heartbeat, which was 140.  Hmm, slowed down a bit.  Wouldn't it be just the thing if baby showed up as a male?  And no boys names picked out.  I guess I like Noah or Connor right now.  But 'it' is being called 'she' for now, so for it to be a 'he' would be traumatizing to all of  us, but I think especially Alisabeth.  I've been having about 5 contractions a day, and they are getting more intense as time goes on.  Nothing unusual, and actually less than with Dylan, with whom I had so many I suspected 4 months before he was born that he'd be early.

I did find out my doctor will be out of town from June 22nd to the 27th.  One of her kids is getting a big award in Knoxville, TN.  She asked if I'd like to go early (induced) before she leaves, and I said "No!  I want to go in July." I told her I was putting myself on bedrest at about 36 weeks (Oh CRAP, that's in 4 weeks and I have so much to do!) and just going to hang in there.  She asked if I still wanted 07-07-07, and I said anything after midnight on the 1st would be great, and that the 4th would be fun.  She told me that she had a 4th of July baby too, and that she wasn't doing anything that day so she'd go for it.  I don't know why I went early with Dylan.  I am hoping that it is a one time occurrence, that I slipped and fell too much, or my low placenta had something to do with it, and that baby will be late this time. I forgot to ask about another ultrasound, but am going to go ahead and shop for girly clothes this weekend at the garage sales...they can be re-sold after all!

I've invited my Mom and older sister Terrie to the labor/delivery, if they want/can make it in time (assuming I don't get induced!) Mark's Mom is more than welcome too. Terrie took the labor photo's of her daughter-in-law, and they came out beautiful.  She talked about video, but I'd like to just set our camera on a tripod and not have any other video out there. (And modest photo's only!)  It will be neat to have my Mom in the room, as she's always been invited but with Zach I was in Duluth and didn't feel like making a call by the time I knew for sure, same with Gabby (but in Buffalo), Ethan she was going out of town that morning, Alisa was a snowstorm, and Dylan was a snowstorm. No snow in June/July! My only stipulation on that (and same goes with Terrie) that they watch from the SIDE, and NO comments on what they saw in detail (like I need it shared with the entire family the rest of my life that a baby wasn't the only thing I pushed out or some such gross talk.  While it's true I really don't care WHO watches when the baby's coming, reliving the vivid details with everyone else can be embarrassing. )

Other than that, all is well.  Baby is becoming a wiggler more than a kicker these days.  She likes to kick late at night, and is quiet during the morning hours.  I am measuring 5 weeks large, though baby doesn't seem to be big, just the way she sits or the way I am carrying.  I'll update again after my appointment in 2 weeks. (Top)

March 28th, 2007

Yay, I made it to the 3rd trimester!

I had my next doctor’s appointment today.  Everything is looking fabulous.  As an update, my first glucose test came back with a score of 137.  The clinic used to have a cut-off date of 140, but they updated it to 130 because they found that 9% of women with a score in the 130’s ended up with gestational diabetes.  So I had to do the 3-hour test.  I did it 2 days later, and today I found out my results. 95, 160, 124, and 60. (Passing numbers for the 3 hour test are under 100, 180, 140, and 110.)  As you can see, my 3rd hour draw (not including the first draw a.k.a fasting draw) was really low, but not low enough to be considered hypoglycemic (That would be under 40.) I had similar results with Dylan (whose 1 hour test was 154) so these numbers are definitely better this time (and perhaps the fact that I’m not enjoying sweets this time around makes a difference.)  I asked about the ultrasound, and she said that everything looks good, all is normal.  I told her that I was told ‘probably girl’ and that I wasn’t sure if it was because a lack of boy parts or if actual girl parts were seen, and if there was a way to review pictures.  She said that there may or may not be pictures, but that we’ll just get another ultrasound in 1 month.  Yay! We’ll have to get that done before the garage sales start with all the cute clothes!  The heartbeat was 150 (so up again!) beats per minute, and I got my Rhogham shot (because I have a negative blood type and Mark’s is positive. It doesn’t hurt much going in, but it sure stings afterwards (the medicine.)

I’ve been reading a book on natural child birth because I’d like to do this drug-free. There are some really inspirational quotes about why go drug-free, what women’s bodies can do, and why it’s better for the baby.  I am hoping that I can have Mark’s support with that (he tends to wimp out when he sees me in pain, the sweetie!) I’d like for baby to come a little late, but not so late that I have to be induced (because then I will want the epidural!) I had a dream that I was having contractions so I went to the hospital and got checked and was told “Yep, you are dilating, let’s check you in!” and I said “No! I have 5 more days until July, I’m just going home and laying down” and then I got up and my water broke, but I still kept walking, and there was some gangs firing guns and I was mad because I wanted to get home to stop labor.  Weird, huh?

My heartburn is kicking in everyday now. While it’s not painful exactly, it is uncomfortable. Not to the point where I have to take my Tums all the time though. I am not experiencing contractions like I did with Dylan. Sure, every once in a while, but not every day for hours at a time. I do get winded pretty easy,  but otherwise doing good. No swollen feet or other problems to speak of. Maybe a sore back or hips after sleeping on my side all night (usually I''m a stomach sleeper, and that isn't possible anymore.) My blood pressure was great, at 120/56.

So the kids are getting excited.  They can see baby kick and squirm, feel her(?) move, and see me getting huge.  I’ve gained about 15 pounds so far, which is the least I’ve ever gained (I’d gained almost twice as much with Dylan at this point.) But I look like I am about 36 weeks along!  Alisa is excited to hold ‘baby sister’ and Dylan comes and kisses my stomach and says “Babies!” and sometimes gets too enthusiastic and bumps into her (good thing she’s well protected though!)  I think we've narrowed the name choices to Carys, Reese, and Mairéad. (You can get the accent over the e with alt+0233). Still no ideas for boys. (Top)

February 22nd, 2007

My most recent doctor's appointment was yesterday (Feb. 21st).  All is looking well!  Baby's heartbeat was 140 (lower than the last) and all tests from last time came back normal.  I am measuring large, which I attribute to ME more than baby, LOL.  According to my cycles, baby should be due June 30th or July 1st. Because I was still irregular due to nursing Dylan, we decided to base the due date on what the first ultrasound said, which is June 26th. (About 4 days sooner than I figure, and I know when I ovulated).  The doctor mentioned that I could have a 07-07-07 baby if I went overdue, and I said I'd be happy to have July 1st at 12:01 AM if I could manage it. June, while a lovely month, would throw off my patterns I've worked hard (ok there were all happy accidental achievements) to create.  Have I said this all before?  Probably! Forgetfulness is hitting me pretty hard these days. Anyway, my 1 hour glucose test  in 2 weeks (this is the one I failed with Dylan, and had to go on to the 3 hour test which I passed.) I'll accept any prayers that I'll pass the first time that are offered! When you take the test you drink an orange pop-like drink within 5 minutes and then an hour later have you glucose tested.  Raised levels could indicate gestational diabetes, which often parlays into stage II diabetes later in life.  I also was able to set up my fetal scan ultrasound, which I had today. The ultrasound went well.  Mark took the day off from work and all the kids came along.   Dylan did good, but kept himself busy by blowing raspberries (which cracked the tech up) or yelling ‘It’s broken’ every time the tech’s computer went on standby.  He also would see the baby on screen and say “Baby?  In there?”  The tech asked us if we'd like to know what the gender is, and I said “Yes, but before you tell us, freeze the screen and let us guess ourselves!” (By the way, last night I had a dream that I had an US and it was a new tech (which it was today too!) and she did a couple of measurements and told me I was done, and I said “What about finding out the gender?” and she said with a sigh “OK, I guess” so I hopped back on the table and she scrolled down and we saw boy parts and I said “I don't want a boy, I'm giving it up for adoption!” Not that I ever would, I assure you!)  So she tried at the beginning and just said “Hmm, not getting a clear view so that you can guess” and moved on to taking measurements of the rest of the body. Babies heart beat was 154 today, and I forgot to ask what the weight was. I'll get that at my next doctor's appointment. We saw the spine, heart, stomach, kidneys, bladder, hands (with a thumbs up! I'll post the picture on the pictures page) brain, head, arms, legs, feet, umbilical cord, the placenta and cervix, and then she tried to check the gender again and said “Well I think I know what you are having…do you have names picked out?” and I said “Not yet, but we'd prefer a girl because we've ran out of boys names that we like!” and she said “Well, it's still not a good picture for you to guess from, so let me take the last measurements and we'll try one more time.” Which she did, and then she went back to your bottom and said “Ok, here is butt cheek, and the other butt cheek, and here is the area in between. So what do you think you're having?”  And I said “Well, I don't see any extra bits and pieces so I am going to guess girl” and she said “Do you want to know what I think?” and I said “Yes!” and she said “I think you are having a girl too!” We all think this is marvelous news. My only worry is that I think it's been declared girl because of an absence of boy parts, as opposed to a glimpse of girl parts (looks like 3 white lines on the sonogram.) The due date showed as July 3rd, a bit closer to my original calculations.

Everything else is going well.  I am starting to get some heartburn, but not too badly as of yet.  The baby can't seem to get comfortable.  The other kids all seemed to choose a head down position right away, and I always felt kicks at the top of the uterus.  This time I'll feel kicks down low, and then it will completely switch to the top, and then to the side. This was confirmed during the ultrasound, when baby turned many times during the 45 minutes.

February 2nd, 2007

I had my doctor's appointment about a week ago.  Everything looks good. Doctor called this baby 'big' as I was just over 18 weeks and measuring to my navel, which usually happens at 20 weeks.  It seems to me, from my memory of past pregnancies, that those measurements don't seem to be a good predictor and are a bit subjective anyway.  The baby's heartbeat was about 150 beats per minute, and doctor could feel the baby move as she was checking for the heartbeat.  Mark was able to feel the baby on the 21st, and I am now able to see my stomach move when the baby kicks as well.  (And as I type this baby just gave me a good swift kick!)  Thanks to good seas on the cruise, I didn't experience any extreme nausea, and had enough energy to keep up with the children.  Thus far I haven't gained any weight. I crave spaghetti, cola drinks, slushies, and those cheap Totino's Party Pizzas, all odd for me besides the slushies.  My tests all came back negative (the usual barrage of tests one has to take when one is pregnant) except for an elevated white blood count which I will re-take in one week. It could be anything from an infection or me fighting off a cold, so if it is still elevated I'll be put on anti-biotics or have further testing. Nothing out of the ordinary though.  Today I am also being hit with some heartburn, even though I've only had a bowl of cereal to eat.  I am also starting to have to use the bathroom a lot more (could be the extra cola though!) Alisa is still insisting that this baby is a girl. I'll have to tape her reaction if it's a boy...could be lethal!  My glucose test will be in 4 weeks, so I'll take prayers for that to come out well. I'll probably have an ultrasound done at the same time to check for measurements and organ functions (and what not!)   Otherwise, everything looks great! (Top)

December 22nd, 2006

OK, so 'technically' I never denied being pregnant during our phone conversation. I just said that I wasn't due in May, and that it was an error on my home page (which it was.) When you asked "What month are you due in" we both laughed and I changed the subject.  :-)  I am making the announcement at Christmas.  I was feeling very uncertain about this pregnancy, just because with Dylan I could feel my uterus so easily at this point, and I can't unless my bladder is full. Which may have to due with the extra pounds I wasn't able to lose after Dylan.  My morning sickness is gone, thankfully.  At Dylan's 18 month appointment, I told my doctor I thought I was pregnant, and if I could get an ultrasound before Christmas so that I could make sure all was well before making any announcements. An hour later I was looking at my baby and crying, hearing the heartbeat (162) thanking God that all seemed well. At 12.5 weeks, this machine can't detect much other than some limbs and the heart beating. So hurray! The ultrasound set the due date at June 26th, which is about 5 days earlier than what my calculations show it to be. I've been a week early and a week late, so who knows?  Also, I am feeling the first flutters of life. Other Mom's will remember that feeling as well...the ones that feel like little butterflies are in your stomach, except your not nervous. It's a lovely feeling. And the first awareness and wonder of it is just as special with each pregnancy.  Other than that, not much new and exciting going on.  Although I can't 'feel' my uterus, and although I actually lost weight in the first trimester,  I am heading towards maternity clothes quickly. Which should make for an interesting cruise.  I guess I'll just hang out in my bathing suit the whole time and not worry about fitting into shorts or skirts. I am already dreading the picking out of boys names, if that is what this little parasite turns out to be.  Right now I like Samuel, Noah, Liam, and Conner. Not sure what any of them mean. And we'll have to check genealogy for middle names, because we are out there too. (Top)

Hope everyone's Christmas was Merry!

November 27th, 2006

Okay, so we fully apologize to those of you whom we may have mislead at Thanksgiving. Not that there were any outright questions of 'Are you pregnant yet?' but the comments such as 'Getting pregnant will get you out of your calling' or 'Is Alisa ready for a baby sister yet?' were deflected in a way to not reveal the pregnancy. Whew!  So, I am 9 weeks and doing OK.  I am still pretty much nauseous all the time, hungry all the time, and sleepy all the time.  The light-headedness has gone away, and the heartburn has not hit yet.  To be honest, I often forget that I am even pregnant, and won't think about it for days at a time because life is just too busy now. I never stopped taking pre-natal vitamins because Dylan was still nursing, so it's not like taking them now is a constant reminder either.  My breast milk did dry up rather fast after conception, though Dylan still wants to nurse with nothing there.  That's NOT happening.  Really there is not much to report because I haven't seen the doctor yet, and don't plan to for a couple of weeks. So no heartbeat rate reports, weight gain reports, etc.  I will say that my hair is fabulous, has gotten thicker and grows faster , which is typically a girl sign for me. However, it may be that I want a girl enough to imagine these things happening. I wouldn't put it past myself in the least.

I have been having vivid dreams.  Some I can't remember, so I won't write down, others that are just weird and I don't think I can explain.  For example I woke myself up laughing a couple of weeks ago, and all I could remember was that I was trying to speak Czechoslovakian. The next morning I woke up crying because I dreamt that I was at my Mom's house and she was cleaning out her 'locked closet' and I found an old box of my baby clothes that I wore and I was so sad. No more gender dreams, name dreams, or due date dreams. I did find out that my sister's wedding will be June 9th, so I will be VERY pregnant. There isn't a dress in the world that will house me by then. Anyway,  I think that is all the report that I have for now.  Hope everyone has a great holiday season! (Top)

October 24th, 2006
You've found our super-secret web page! Secret only because we like to wait until I am 3 months to announce a pregnancy, a practice common to some women after science discovered that miscarriages happen most often in the first trimester. Some of you have been given hints, however! Think back and maybe you'll have an 'Ah-ha! I knew it' moment!

Anyway, published or not, this website has obviously been updated since about 4 days after I first tested positive.  This baby was planned and hoped for. No surprises, no accidents!  We've watched a lot of friends go through some pretty harsh pregnancy and labors in the last 18 months, thought about how much we are blessed to have easy pregnancies, labors, delivery, and healthy, happy, loved children, and prayed about this decision very much.

 I charted my temperatures, and you can see the day of ovulation, 6 days later a temperature shift (usually perceived to be implantation) and a positive HPT on the 21st.  Before we attempted this, I had a dream of a pretty little girl and her name too! At about the time of implantation, the heartburn and dizziness started. At about day 10, for 2 days in a row, Alisa said "Mom, what should I name my baby sister?"   And now I am getting nauseous in the late afternoon. Otherwise feeling really good. Mark calls it our next 'Caribbean baby' and said "I hope we don't keep having one of these during a cruise!" No, this time it feels right to be done.  I feel ready to be done. I took the test Friday night, and didn't look at the results. I put the test in a washcloth, put it on the table, got the video camera, read the kids the directions and had everyone look one at a time. Mark first. Good poker face! Ditto with Zach and Ethan. Gabby had to back away so I couldn't see her face. Alisa stared at it and I asked her what it said. "She turned around with it, and I walked up to it to see the '+' sign in the window. I said 'Alisa, we are going to have a baby!" We are all a little shell shocked (Alisa took more than one cycle, and we really didn't know if God would send us another family member...seeing as we'll need to move and get an 8-seater vehicle) and excited, and worried, and hopeful, all rolled into one.

 As you can see from this theme, I'd prefer a girl this time (but heh, the baby at the top 'could' be considered a boy.)  I think we'll try to find out the gender this time, because as much as we'll love and welcome another son, It'll take some getting used to. And oh, by the way, the due date is around the 1st of July, so hopefully THIS one will want to bake until its due date. A June boy baby would be pretty typical. :-)  (Top)