Foede Family Updates!
(Our Summer so far...)
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Dylan expresses how tired both he and his parents are from lack of sleep. 
Hopefully his grunting will end soon, and we'll all get sleep!

Zach loves band exploration, and narrows his choices down to trumpet, percussion, and the saxophone.  He is his mother's son, picking the most
expensive of the three!

The kids all cool off running through the sprinkler. 
Or as Alisa calls it, "Sprinker, sprinker."

Gabby signs up to be in the play "Beauty and the Beast", landing a fairly major roll for a child.  She did great, and looks forward to "Aladdin" next year!

Ethan, who got his first tooth at the youngest age, looses his first tooth at the oldest age. Easy as pie, though they are double teeth like Gabby had.

Mom and Dad, tired of the grunting, decide to put Dylan in his own crib instead of the bassinet. SUCCESS!  Everyone sleeps better...Dylan sleeps 5-6 hours at a time instantly when Mom isn't hovering. Why'd it take 5 kids to figure that one out? Now we are all smiling!