Updates and Growth Chart

May 16th, 2005  Dylan had his 10 day appointment on May 11th.  All is well.  He is a little jaundiced still, but not enough to need to go under the bili lights.  Up to this point he has slept a lot, but a new pattern is emerging, in which he is awake for a few hours, and then asleep for a couple.  He is a lot like Ethan was in that he grunts and growls ALL the time, even in his sleep.  He still sleeps with his hands next to his head all the time, and smiles a lot when he is sleeping.  He also gets the hiccups a lot.  He also still loves to eat. In fact, it seems that by the time I am done feeding him, then burping him, then changing a diaper, it's time to feed him again. Ah well, I guess I could use the extra calorie burn! (To TOP)

May 30th, 2005  Dylan is one month old.  A few days ago he graced us with his first smile, while awake.  As noted previously, he smiled and chuckled in his sleep, but every once in a while he will smile when being talked to.  A guestimate of his weight (by stepping on the scale and then adding his weight) would be somewhere around 12 pounds!  He eats so much.  And he still grunts.  In fact I like to call him  'Chewie' because he sounds so much like a wookie.  He is not a sound sleeper, his grunts often startle him awake. It takes a lot to get him burped too.  He is looking less like Ethan, and more like 'himself' though I still see a lot of Mark in him.  Such a cutie...a chubby little cutie! (To TOP)

July 6th, 2005  Dylan had his 2 month well-baby appointment today.  He is doing great. His measurements can be found on the chart.  He is a very chubby baby.  I could hear the doctor as she approached our room "Ooh, my sweet Dylan!" and then walked in and saw him and said "He is HUGE!".  13 lbs. 10 ozs. and 24.5 inches. (90th percentile height, 90th percentile weight, and 75th for both [which is hard to believe, he looks so chubby and big...maybe the scale is off!]) She noted his 'beautiful blue eyes and long lashes' and we talked about his umbilical hernia.  It is getting smaller, and causes him no discomfort, thank goodness.  She also noted his strength, his smile (he laughed for her too) and then started talking to him and HE TALKED back..  Yes, a Foede child that isn't too shy to talk to strangers!  Weird, huh? And boy, can he tell you a 'story' if you ask.  Dylan is still just on breastmilk, we'll see how long that lasts.  Zach needed solids at 4 months, Ethan didn't need them until 8 months.  Speaking of his siblings, this is how the other kids compare to Dylan at the same age: (To TOP)

Zach          16 lbs. 6 ozs.      25"
Gabby       14 lbs. 8 ozs.      23.5 "
Ethan         13 lbs.12 ozs     23"
Alisa          15 lbs. 1 oz.        24.75"
Dylan         13 lbs. 10ozs      24.5"

Dylan recieved 5 vaccinations, but in 3 shots.  (They should have learned to combine them 5 kids ago!)  He is still taking a bottle very well, sleeping very good at night, and just plain wonderful!

September 7th, 2005

Dylan kind of surprised us at this appointment.  I knew he was getting heavy, but 20.4 pounds?  He had 3 shots this time, which he did not appreciate.  Alisa, however takes it worse watching him.  Dylan has found his thumb (and his fist, and most other things that fit into his hand!)  He is loves to splash in his bath tub, and has learned to scream at the top of his lungs.  He can roll from back to tummy easily, and struggles to go from tummy to back, but he keeps trying!  He can sit for a few seconds, but actually prefers to be on his tummy on the ground.  The other kids hated that!  He is still my little sweetie, sleeping through the night and nursing 100%, which will continue until he is 6 months old.  I like to call him Smiley, because he smiles so much, is quick to laugh, and loves to talk! (To TOP)

November 16th, 2005

Zach is thrilled, because when comparing the two boys at 6 months, he shot ahead.  I told him this could change every month, but for now it is good enough.  This month Dylan is 23 pounds, 10 ounces and 28 1/4 inches long.  I think Zach was closer to 29 inches, and weighed around 25 pounds (but don't quote me on it!)  Dylan has been army crawling for over a month, and is beginning to get up on all 4's.  He sits very well, but would rather be crawling around.  He hasn't figured out how to lean forward to get into a crawling position, so he purposely falls backwards and then rolls forward.  He still likes to scream, and laugh.  His sleeping through the night has ended.  (It was nice while it lasted, and it won't be forever... it only feels that way!) He hasn't any teeth yet, nor has he started stranger anxiety.  He loves to eat his rice cereal, and his REALLY watered down juice, and likes orange vegetables and peas, but hates green beans.  We haven't introduced fruits yet.  The kids still adore him! (To Top)

December 20, 2005

Dylan is doing great.  He crawls. He pulls up. He cruises. He says "Mama" when he is sad. He get's excited when I say "Do you want some Mookies?" He says "Dada" when he is happy. He loves the Christmas lights, and adores a reindeer ornament that bounces up and down that Mark hung from his deer antlers. He likes to rip paper, still has no teeth, and is fighting nap time already.  He eats well, and is still my smiley little sweetheart.  We have no idea what to get him for Christmas though! He is called "Squirt" or "Dylanator".  He is still a screamer, and has this funny habit or breathing like Darth Vadar really loudly with his mouth open.  Sometimes he growls too.  He loves to sit at the piano and play, and he loves to listen to Zach practice the saxophone. (To Top)

February 24th, 2006

Dylan has had such an exciting couple of months.   I think it's almost possible to watch  ideas come into his head...where to explore next, what to learn or do, how far to push his limits.  It's been a time of ouches and illnesses too, however.  He learns to open a door, and promply jams his finger in it.  He learns to walk, and of course what comes up has to come down! In January Dylan mastered the art of clapping, waving bye-bye, playing "So big", clucking his toungue, and probably other things I am forgetting.  He got another tooth on Jan. 22nd, and a third tooth on Feb. 2nd.  On the 17th he took his first steps, and a week later he is getting pretty good at it.  He also got his first cold at the same time, which has hit him pretty hard.  He doesn't like to breath out of his mouth, and still wants to nurse but bites when he can't breath properly.   He still likes to make raspberries, and I love it when he scrunches up his nose and breaths out of it fast (not with the cold though!).  He loves to play the piano...always singing along and never quitting until he has hit the highest note, and the lowest one. (To Top)

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