Once again, time has flown by us (without permission, I might add!) The mild weather has helped in that regard, but we sure do miss having lots of snow to play in.  We had a very joyous Christmas, spending time with friends and family alike.  This year the kids were told to pick out an adventure that they really wanted to do as a large gift, instead of having lots of small things that are soon forgotten or just take up space.  On Christmas morning each unwrapped a picture showing them their future gift.  The pictures were the funnest thing about getting ready for Christmas for Mark and myself.  They are included below.

I won't talk much about Dylan, because his page has been updated recently.  I will just say that he is such a blessing to us.  Zach is doing great in his band lessons.  He got 3rd place in his Pinewood Derby this year, and in one month will be recieveing his Arrow of Light award, bridging into Boy Scouts, and getting the Super Achiever award for finishing all activity badges. This summer he will be in baseball and taking swimming lessons.  Next fall I will pass on creating a curriculum for him and have him start taking 7th grade classes from the BYU distance learning center.  Gabby recently took some skating lessons and decided that she would like to be a world class figure skater.  She is pretty good too! I did tell her that elite skating costs about $50,000 per year, and so I am looking into local lessons for a bit (read: a LOT) less.  However, we are crammed into our house, and really want to move within the next 6-18 months, so I don't know if it is wise to sign her up right now.  She has also decided that she wants to learn to play the guitar, which has always been a dream of Jennifer's too, so maybe they can learn together.  Ethan is doing great, gearing up for his birthday on Sunday. He is excited to be 7, only a year from scouts and his baptism.  He loves to read and use his imagination, and will also be taking his first swimming lessons in the spring. He likes the water more than the other kids, and is looking forward to it.  Alisabeth (AKA Lily Rose, Alisa, Lisa,)  just celebrated her 'Golden Birthday' and hauled in mucho Dora the Explorere 'stuff'. She is the child that we really, really love and find hilarious when she is good, or really, really irritates us when she is not so good. Dylan is walking, has 3 teeth, is cute as a button, loves to smile, laugh, explore, and play.  Jen is doing well, though busy, with church and school at home. Naps are precious commodities to be sure! Mark is also doing great.  His old boss recommended him for a position at a different compay, and he looked into it but they couldn't pay what he earns now.  He is interested in using Boston Scientific's college reimbursment program and getting his master's degree via distance learning.



(Zach's choice of adventure...hunting with Dad)

(Gabby chooses to spend the day at a' Mom and Me'  Spa

Ethan wants to go camping with his Dad!